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Here at Ciel, we recognize the importance of collecting ideas and knowledge from the world around us, and turning  that knowledge into fuel for creative thinking and new ideas.  Each of us can explore the life of an artist...a life filled with passion, intention, and purpose. At Ciel, you can take a moment to explore your creative side.

Aristotle eloquently stated, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." With that in mind, Ciel provides a space for individuals to meet and network with others in our community. Instantly there is an energy created when people join in group settings.  Many individuals are happy to connect with others to share ideas, stories, perceptions and even a good laugh!

Participation in various activities allows us to practice our skills, as well as, learn new skills. Challenging ourselves gives us a chance to see how far we can go. It is amazing to discover what we can accomplish when we try our best! Ciel offers new and exciting activities for you to participate in. It is time to broaden your horizons and take life to the next level! 

When we decide to change our habits for the benefit of our overall health, we become stronger in so many ways. Happiness can be gained through finding healthy lifestyle choices   so that we can become much more physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Ciel provides guest speakers, classes and resources to help you attain your optimal, overall well-being.

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